Our Enchanting Story

A long time ago, in the Land of Parks a Magical Kingdom not too far away, lived Dianne, the Goddess of Pasta and Cakes and Rochelle, the Queen of Pizza’s and Ice-cream.

These two talented, astute and independent Beings were very fond of cooking, baking and creating new magical dishes for the Gnomes, Faeries and Pixie-folk.  Even though Rochelle and Dianne were well known in the Kingdom for their Beguiling recipes and roamed the same forests every day searching for fresh, delicious ingredients, they had never come across each other.

One Bewitching Night, as Legend has it, their Destiny was fulfilled and they met. It was a night filled with Hypnotizing Moonlight and Dazzling Stardust. The Forest Folk had come out to play as they always did on nights like these. One could almost feel the Enchantment in the air. Quite by chance, or perhaps fate, they were drawn together as if by a magnet, meeting in the middle of a circle of dancing Fauns, each intuitively knowing that they were meant to be together.

They seated themselves on a fallen log and talked long into the night by the light and warmth of the fire. By the time the sun had risen and the Forest Folk had all gone to their beds, Rochelle and Dianne had formed a bond that no Spell could ever break and this charming friendship sparked the beginning of change for the Kingdom. For out of this meeting between two wise souls, Enchanted was born…


Dianne & Rochelle